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Overbit helps you set simple and sophisticated trading robots to make a profit autonomously 24/7 in different market conditions.


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Profit from every market move with grid trading bots

The grid strategy works with postponed limit BUY and SELL orders in predefined price intervals. The price range you choose will be divided into multiple levels (also selected by you) which creates a grid full of orders.

GRID Bot Strategies

Buy the dip

Buy on the way down, profit as it returns up

Profit in a sideways market

Continuously buy as price oscillates

Play the range

Earn during a ranging market

Higher risk brings larger rewards in crypto futures trading

Overbit is hosting two strategies adapted specifically for trading crypto derivative instruments. Leverage up to 125x with Overbit while implementing a grid bot strategy.

Futures bot strategies

Profit when the market goes up or down with these 2 strategies


Earn up to 10x faster in a long market by using leverage


Earn quickly even in a bear market using a grid bot

Simulate the future with back testing

The fastest and most reliable back testing functionality in the Crypto and FX industry

Back test your grid strategy on any market

With no limit on what currency/crypto pairs you can back-test on, find the most profitable strategies

See accurate results and trade executions

See a full breakdown of all trades that would've been taken, along with an accurate PnL

See realized and unrealized PnL

Backtest over your desired period, and see both your realized and unrealized PnL so you understand the entire result of the test

Use smart AI

Over 20,000 grid bot strategies analyse from Overbit AI engine per day

Choose an AI strategy that's suitable for your market and risk appetite

Get real time strategies configured by Overbit's AI engine

Overbit AI monitors the market and tests millions of combinations in real time to produce the best results

Trading bot features

Ready-made strategies

Select from a range of predefined strategies based on successful backtest results

Performance analytics

Get a complete understanding of your results with detailed statistics of your bots

Free demo mode

Sharpen your trading skills in a risk-free Demo environment before investing real funds.

Extended features

Everything to get you covered including Take Profit, Stop Loss and price Trailing features.

Profit 24/7

Overbit is a cloud-based platform, allowing your bots to continue working even you are offline.


Overbit uses high-end encryption to secure the connection between the platform and your exchange.


Overbit has developed a series of innovative crypto and FX trading bots that are based on grid trading strategies. These strategies are published in the help section and are fully transparent. By using the trading bot, you can automate your trading, taking the emotion out of decision making and ensuring you capitalise on market movements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The trading bots are available to all Overbit traders. You can find the Bots button at the top of the trader interface. From there, follow this guide to get a trading bot setup. It’s very easy to get going.

The trading bots are available to use on all crypto and FX markets on the Overbit platform. You can also run multiple bots per market if you wish to diversify your strategy.

How much does it cost to launch a trading bot?

Overbit does not charge for using the trading bots. However normal trading fees apply on the exchange.

When creating a trading bot, you must select appropriate parameters for the volatility of the market you are trading. You can use one of the preset parameters which comes with a risk score. For more information, visit the Bots guide in the help section.

We recommend that traders run multiple bots on different markets in order to diversify their overall investments in bots.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you back test any strategy that you configure before running it. When you back test it, you will also see a risk score to help you determine how risky this bot might be. You should also make use of a demo account for a period of time to familiarise yourself with running the bots.

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