Bitcoin & Forex Liquidity

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Liquidity Overview

Overbit operates a sophisticated trading and liquidity engine. Our bitcoin liquidity and forex liquidity does not just come from our users but the market itself. We match trades on a P2P basis, but where we cannot match trades, we have built market making relationships with some of the world’s top exchanges. That means we we can tap into other liquidity pools to make sure your trades are executed in a timely fashion at a fair market price.


Our liquidity is your peace of mind. You can enter or exit the market at the price indicated with no slippage. This is the same for Crypto, Forex and Metals markets.

Liquidity Highlights

High trading volumes

The combined trading volume with our Bitcoin liquidity partners is one of the highest in the world on any given day.

Competitive funding rates

Unlike other exchanges, on any instrument, you can pay or get paid depending on the trading direction. This can often create arbitrage opportunities between Overbit and other exchanges.

Realtime execution confirmation

All market orders are confirmed immediately and shown on the trader with the entry price. This is the same for when entering or exiting your trading position.

Guaranteed order executions

All order executions are guaranteed at the order price. The trader contains an order history tab for your own convenience and all orders are available to see on the ledger once executed.

Fair market pricing

We know you like the cryptocurrency market for its volatility. The downsides can be price manipulation by traders with large balances in their wallets, willing to place big trades to move the market. This is not fair to the rest of traders who want to trade on a level playing field. 

At Overbit we have developed Fair Market Pricing – our own unique methodology of making sure you are trading on the absolutely fair price. We do this by aggregating prices from other large tier-1 spot exchanges globally. We take the average price of those exchanges and weigh it by the order book size, trading volume, and a few other factors. We also take into account our own liquidity pool and order book. Some exchanges call this the ‘Mark’ price but offer you a different price for order execution based on their local order book. At Overbit we only have one price. If we cannot match a large order at that price, we then execute it through one of our liquidity providers.

To summarise, if you are entering or exiting a position, or if you are executing a stop-loss or take-profit order, or if you happen to get liquidated, there is only one price, regardless of the market you are trading. That price is guaranteed. That’s Fair Market Pricing.

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